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Forum Features
Q: How do I change my email address, password, forum options, User Profile, signature, and other personal settings?
A: Click My Settings at the top of any forum page. Then click any of the links on the left side of the page and change the settings you see.
Q: What are signatures and what should I set mine to?
A: A signature is a short message that appears beneath the text of each message you post in the forums. Use of a signature is optional.
The convention at Marrowforums is to use a signature that indicates your relationship to the patient, the diagnosis, and perhaps the treatment(s) used. This gives context to your posts, so forum readers understand your situation and you don't have to explain those basic facts each time you ask a question.
We suggest that you set your signature to be a single line, even if it is long, rather than multiple short lines. The forum software will automatically wrap the lines based on the window width.
You are welcome to use abbreviations, such as dx for diagnosed, but it is not necessary.
Example signature:
Jane, mother of John age 12, diagnosed AA 2013; treated with ATG in 2014, currently on cyclosporine.
Q: Can I see a list of members?
A: Yes, in the Members List. Sort the display by clicking column headings. Click Search Members to search for a specific member. You can also use the Members List Advanced Search page.
Q: Can I upload a picture of me?
A: You can upload a photo or other image on the Edit Profile Picture page, which is one of the choices under under My Settings. It will appear on your user profile page and on the Members List.
We do not use pictures next to posts (avatars).
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