Frequently-Asked Questions
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Searching the Forums
Q: How do I search the forums?
A: To start a search, do one of these:
  • Click on the Search drop-down at the top of a forum or thread display page.
  • On a forum display page, click Search this Forum to limit your search to that forum.
  • On a thread display page, click Search this Thread to limit your search to that thread.
  • For the most search options, enter your search on the Advanced Search page.
Then type in the search box and press return or fill out the search form and click Search Now.
Q: What types of forum searches can I do?
A: You can
  • search for posts that contain particular words
  • search for threads that have particular words in their titles
  • search for posts by a particular member
  • search for posts started by a particular member
  • limit searches by date (e.g., to only recent posts)
  • limit searches by thread size (e.g., only highly-posted threads)
  • search all forums at once or search only in particular forums
Q: How are search results presented?
A: Search results are presented as either a list of posts or a list of threads, depending on the type of search you did. On the Advanced Search page, you have your choice.
The most recent posts, or threads with the most recents posts, are listed first. You can click a link to go to a particular thread or post.
If there were more than 25 search results, you can click a page number for more results. Search results are limited to 500 posts or threads.
Q: How do I search for posts by a particular member?
Using the Members List Advanced Search page, you can limit searches to posts by a particular member or to threads started by a particular member. You can also click on a member's User Name anywhere you see it, to view their profile, and then click the Find all posts by or Find all threads started by link.
You can search for your own posts the same way.
Q: Are all words searchable?
A: One-letter and two-letter words are not searchable, except for a few important words like "AA" which have been made searchable.
Words of three or more letters are searchable, except for a few unimportant words like "the" which have not been made searchable.
Q: Can I use ANDs and ORs and NOTs in my searches?
A: No. The forum software does not support these Boolean search operators.
Q: Can I use wildcards or other pattern-matching in my searches?
A: You can use * to stand for any part of a word. For example, myelo* would match myelodysplasia, myelodysplastic, and myeloid.
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