MDS Conference
September 26, 2009, Los Angeles, CA

photo courtesy UCLA Office of Media Relations
The one-day MDS Conference was held on the campus of UCLA. Representating the AA&MDSIF: Paul Scribner, Director of Patient Programs and Services Representating the AA&MDSIF: Leigh Clark, Patient Educator

Registration was busy. About 100 patients and family members attended. Opening remarks
Dr. Ronald Paquette, UCLA School of Medicine

Diagnosis and Classification of MDS
Dr. H. Phillip Koeffler, UCLA School of Medicine
Treating Low-Risk MDS
Dr. Michael Rosove, UCLA School of Medicine
Treating High-Risk MDS
Dr. Gary Schiller, UCLA School of Medicine

Every presentation was useful and informative. Dr. Paquette answers questions during a break. Living Well with MDS
Dr. Anne Coscarelli, Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

AA&MDSIF board member Ruth Cuadra introduces Dr. O'Donnell Bone Marrow Transplantation for MDS
Dr. Margaret O'Donnell, City of Hope, CA
Advances in treatment
Dr. Allen Yang, Amgen Inc.

Photos by Neil Cuadra