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Campath Trial: Day 5
August 13, 2010 — Third Day of Campath. I wash my hair this morning, which makes me feel almost normal. As I am walking out of the bathroom not yet fully dressed, the doctor and his entourage — about ten — come into my room. Thinking that if they leave I won't see them again that day, I rush into my bed and cover myself with a sheet. Dr. Scheinberg reiterates that my reactions are normal.
I had mentioned to the nurse that I have bad migraines and she suggests I have a consult with the pain management team. I ask Dr. Scheinberg who says that is fine and I ask the nurse to make an appointment for me. I don't need any blood transfusions today. The Campath infusion is fairly straightforward. I feel chilled and get the shakes; the nurse gives me Demerol, which turns me into a marshmallow. She brings me wonderful heated blankets that make me feel enveloped in a womb.
Later I get a fever of 101.5. The nurse takes blood cultures and gives me two Tylenol. A slight rash I noticed the night before has turned into red blotches over much of my body. After consulting with the doctor on call at night (she is a fellow, which is a step above a resident), the nurse brings me an IV with Benadryl. While reminiscent of serum sickness, this rash seems minor in comparison.
Other highlights of my day: When you are admitted to the hospital, they ask if you have a religious preference. I checked off Jewish although I am not religious. Today, a young female rabbi pops into my room. She asks questions to help us articulate our feelings about going through this health crisis. She also asks what we would like to pray for and composes a beautiful prayer in Hebrew and English that touches my soul. Before the prayer she wants to know if I have a Hebrew name. I confess that I do not. She says there is a Jewish belief that parents give their children Hebrew names so if evil comes, it will not find the child. I ask her if I could pick one now. She suggests I go on the Internet to find a list (where else?).
Despite the Benadryl making me sleepy, about 9:30pm Steve insists I take a walk. We go to the 1st floor atrium and look at the art on display. I get my art fix and a little exercise at the same time.
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