Kirby Stone's Personal Profile
The Roller Coaster Continues
In early 2011 blood counts were again dropping rapidly. I had been on Thalidomide for 18 months and we decided to restart Revlimid. It was used in conjunction with the low dose Dacogen and Promacta. Again we had amazing results, the blood counts all increased very rapidly over a 3-month period. A BMB had fairly good results with the blasts at 8%.
After peaking in April-May, 2011 the blood counts again started a rapid drop.  We are trying to find a new combination of drugs.
I’ve had a long success against MDS, over 7 years as an RAEB-2 patient who transformed to AML.  At diagnosis the numbers suggested I might live only a few months.  My success has enabled me to spend more time with my wife, children, grandchildre, and our many friends.
Over the years we have met many other MDS patients and their caregivers by e-mail, phone calls, and personal visits. As fellow patients we can help one another to face this difficult disease.
I always encourage them to:
  • NEVER give up. Newer treatments continue to be developed.
  • ALWAYS Keep a positive attitude. Learn as much as you can about MDS in your journey.
  • Develop a strong health care team. Iíve had the same wonderful nurses and technicians at the cancer care center I visit each week.
  • Volunteer to talk with other patients.
  • In our case the power of prayer has always helped.
  • Enjoy each day of Life.
Kirby Stone with his grandchildren
Kirby Stone with his grandchildren