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Treatment with Vidaza
In mid-2008 my good response to Revlimid started to wane. My platelets and WBC started a slow decrease. This is often the case with Revlimid and we tried reducing dosages over a period of a few months in an attempt to find a successful dose.
On October 8, 2008, a BMB revealed 6% blasts and a record low for my platelets. My doctor and I decided to stop Revlimid.
Vidaza seemed to be the best option to try next and we began a series of cycles following the guidelines on dosages that were a function of the platelet count and ANC values.  Since my platelets were low (in the high 20’s to 40’s), we could not use the normal dosages.  We tried 4 cycles at the reduced dosages and did not have any measurable response.
During these Vidaza cycles from mid-November 2008 to early March 2009, my Hgb started to drop at a slow but consistent rate.  My MDS had never resulted in significant drops in Hgb or red blood count before and this was a concern to all of us.  We tried Aranesp in place of Procrit but neither seemed to slow the drop in the Hgb.
My 17th BMB in early May 2009 revealed the blasts had increased to 16-18%. Clearly, the MDS was advancing quickly.  My doctor and I decided I should visit the Cleveland Clinic.  On May 15, 2009, I saw Dr. Jaroslaw Maciejewski.  My visit to him coincided with the AA&MDSIF Patient conference being held that weekend.