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Thalidomide (again) and Dacogen (2009-2010)
Somewhat in desperation we restarted Thalidomide on June 22, 2009. My first response to Thalidomide in early 2004 had been very good, and Dr. Brahmamdam thought it might work for me again.
Within 4 weeks the Hgb was increasing rapidly and the platelets were in the high 20-low 30 range. My counts continued to increase and we were amazed by this second response to Thalidomide. Even though I was feeling fine and the CBC data looked good, Dr. Brahmamdam scheduled my 18th BMB on Oct 6, 2009. The results were a shock: the blasts were at 40%. I had transformed to AML (acute myelogenous leukemia) even though the blood counts were improving.
We restarted Dacogen at 5mg/m2 one day per week on Oct 14, 2009, feeling it might help control the AML. We also continued the Thalidomide so I was on a dual drug regimen. A BMB on Feb 24, 2010 revealed the blasts were down to 14-16%, which was not great but a lot better than 40%.
My blood counts had peaked in late December 2009 and were on a downward slope, so we increased the Dacogen to 7.5mg/m2 one day per week on Apr 7, 2010. The increased dosage helped the blood counts to stabilize and increase.
Through 2010 the blood counts continued to go up and down and the blasts would also increase and decrease, hence the roller coaster ride. We eventually increased the Dacogen to the original suggested dose of 10mg/m2 one day per week.