Medicare Part D Calculator
In the United States, Medicare Part D is the prescription drug program of Medicare. The Medicare Care Part D Calculator lets you enter the full (list price) cost of your prescription drugs and see the share of the cost that you will be responsible for each year until 2020. The calculator applies only to Medicare in the United States.
Before using this calculator, review the Medicare Part D description, with its explanation of prescription drug cost sharing and the changes instituted by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.
Using This Calculator
The Marrowforums Medicare Part D Calculator computes your annual share of prescription drug costs from the full (list price) cost of your prescription drugs. You can enter either the annual or monthly total for all prescription drugs you take.
  • This calculator can help you estimate your share of brand-name and generic drug costs but is not a guarantee of costs or benefits.
  • Factors other than the standard Medicare reimbursement rates can affect your actual cost for prescription drugs.
  • Legislation covering Medicare may be changed again by Congress.
  • THIS SOFTWARE IS UNDERGOING BETA TESTING. If you have comments that would help us improve this tool, please contact Marrowforums. Also let us know if you would like help using the Medicare Part D Calculator. Helping you will also help us improve the tool for other people!
Medicare Part D Calculator

Fill in an estimate of the full (list price) cost of your prescription drugs covered by Medicare Part D. Indicate whether the amount you entered is the monthly or annual price. Then click the Calculate button to see your annual share of those costs for each year.

Feel free to experiment. Enter different amounts to see how your share changes as drug costs rise or as the years progress.
Cost Calculator
Enter the estimated cost of your prescription drugs.
How do I find out the full cost of my prescription drugs?
Full (list price) cost of your prescription drugs: $ per month per year
Your annual share for brand-name drugs:
200920102011201220132014 201520162017201820192020
Your annual share for generic drugs:
200920102011201220132014 201520162017201820192020
If you have a mixture of brand-name and prescription drugs, your total share of prescription drug costs will be between the two values shown for each year. Under the Health Care Reform, generic drug costs to patients are not being reduced as quickly as those for brand-name drugs, so you may find that the amounts displayed above for generic drugs are higher than for brand-name drugs, but this is counterbalanced by the lower total cost of generic drugs. You pay a higher percentage of a lower price. By the year 2020 your share by percentage will be the same for brand-name and generic drugs.
Privacy Notice
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The data you fill in stays on your own computer and is used only to help you understand your own Medicare Part D drug costs. We encourage you to protect the privacy of your medical information.
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