JavaScript is a feature of your web browser that lets a web page perform actions such as computing numbers or doing instant updating of the page. Marrowforums uses JavaScript for its self-service tools such as the ANC calculator, to make them fast and convenient. It also preserves your privacy because JavaScript is used to process the data on your computer rather than sending any data to Marrowforums. If your web browser has JavaScript turned off ("disabled") then the Marrowforums tools will not work.
This page can help you enable JavaScript if necessary. The specific steps to enable JavaScript depend on which web browser you are using, e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.
Do you have JavaScript Enabled?
Marrowforums has tested if JavaScript is enabled in your web browser.
Enabling JavaScript
Instructions for enabling JavaScript in various web browsers can be found at
Most users leave JavaScript enabled whenever they use the Internet, since many websites use it, but if you have particular security concerns you can disable JavaScript after you finish using the Marrowforums tools.