For the answers to basic questions about the site and use of the forums, see the Frequently-Asked Questions pages. Links on the left, top, and bottom of this page may also help you. If you still need to contact us, use one of the methods described below.
Forum Members: Submitting Questions, Comments, Suggestions, Complaints, ...
Site Comments: If you have questions or comments about Marrowforums that you would like to make in public, start a new thread in the Site Comments forum.
Sample topics:
  • The site in general
  • Use of the forums
  • Forum rules and guidelines
  • Member profiles
  • AA-MDS-TALK and its archive
  • Privacy issues, questions, or requests, including exercising your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union
Forum Problems: If you experience a problem or see a problem with a particular forum post, click the Send Alert Message icon Send Alert Message icon next to the post to send a private Alert Message to the administrators. To report a problem with a particular thread, click the Send Alert Message icon Send Alert Message icon next to any post in the thread.
Private Messages: For any other question or comment, you can send a Private Message to the administrators. To send a Private Message to a particular administrator, click one of the Send PM buttons on the Administrators and Owners page.
Forum Members: Contacting Other Members
The forum system lets you send Private Messages to other members and receive messages back. Private Messages are a form of web-based email handled entirely within the forum system.
To send a Private Message to another member, start a New Private Message and fill in the Recipient Username, or click a member's User Name anywhere you see it in the forums, to view his or her User Profile, and then click the Send a private message link. If there is no such link, he or she has disabled receiving Private Messages.
Each member can enable or disable the forum features that allow other members to contact them by Private Messages, by direct email, and/or via Instant Messaging services such as AIM. Marrowforums does not regulate or monitor Private Messages, other than messages to the site administrators, so use them at your own discretion.
Non-Members: Contacting the Site
To send a message to the site owner by email, use the following email address.
This is also the address to use if you are unable to register or log into Marrowforums.