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The following forum members have written interesting and informative accounts of their personal experiences with bone marrow failure diseases. They are sharing their stories in order to help other patients and family members learn how they have dealt with the diseases, treatments, recovery, and their lives. Click a picture to read a profile or click the arrows for more profiles.
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Birgitta Alexius was a retired psychiatrist living in Stockholm. She was diagnosed with MDS with severe fibrosis in 2006. She tried a number of different drug treatments, finally reaching transfusion independence in 2010. She was an active Marrowforums member, providing information and support to other patients.
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Alyse Booth received ATG treatment for aplastic anemia in 2008. Her counts improved but she developed serum sickness and infections. When she relapsed with severe aplastic anemia 16 months later she chose an NIH trial of Campath over another round of ATG. She recorded her day-by-day experiences during the trial.
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Ruth Cuadra was busy with home, work, and family when she was diagnosed with AA in 1996 and given ATG treatment. In 1998 she was rediagnosed with MDS and underwent an unrelated-donor bone marrow transplant. She is now a volunteer for the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation and a Marrowforums administrator.
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Evan MacNeil's journey with aplastic anemia began in October 2007, the month of his 10th birthday. His proactive parents guided him through ATG (which failed to cure him) and then a successful matched unrelated bone marrow transplant. Evan's story is told by his mother Nicole MacNeil, with final comments by Evan.
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Andrea Pecor has had AA for over 35 years. She was diagnosed in her 20s and has had five successful rounds of ATG treatment, deciding against a bone marrow transplant. She has had countless transfusions over the years and has helped countless patients as a volunteer for the Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation.
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Kirby Stone, a retired engineer, educated himself when he learned he had MDS in 2004. He was proactive in seeking treatments and trials and had positive responses to Thalidomide and Revlimid. He tried Vidaza but had more success with a combination of Thalidomide, Dacogen, and a Promacta trial. He encouraged patients to help themselves.
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