Welcome Former AA-MDS-TALK Listserv Members!
AA-MDS-TALK migration to Marrowforums
Marrowforums has replaced AA-MDS-TALK
The AA-MDS-TALK listserv was run from 1996 to 2006 by Vince Wessling. It allowed bone marrow failure disease patients and their family members to discuss the issues they faced and to provide support to each other.
The Marrowforums website, which serves the same purpose, replaced AA-MDS-TALK in 2006. AA-MDS-TALK ran in parallel with Marrowforums from August through December 2006, when AA-MDS-TALK was closed (see news story). If you were an AA-MDS-TALK member, you are welcome to join Marrowforums and continue to be part of the community of patients and family members.
You will find over 100 former AA-MDS-TALK members at Marrowforums, and the people running the site will be familiar too. The AA-MDS-TALK moderators helped create Marrowforums (see Meet the Administrators).
Marrowforums continues what AA-MDS-TALK began, providing the place for ongoing discussion among patients and their family members, friends, and caregivers. Like AA-MDS-TALK, Marrowforums is free. There are technical differences in how they work, because AA-MDS-TALK was an e-mail based listserv while Marrowforums is a web-based forum system. See below for further information about the differences.
Joining Marrowforums
If you are a former AA-MDS-TALK member and want to join Marrowforums, simply register with the Marrowforums website. Here are the instructions:
  1. Decide what User Name and email address to use for registration. It may be simplest if they match the name and email address you last used for AA-MDS-TALK, because your user name will let other members recognize you and your email address will let us associate your listserv messages with your new Marrowforums membership.

    Example: If your messages appeared at AA-MDS-TALK as John Smith <jsmith@att.net>, we recommmend using John Smith as your User Name and jsmith@att.net as your email address to register for Marrowforums. If you prefer more privacy for your User Name, we suggest using a first name and initial (John S.) or a pseudonym.

  2. If your incoming email gets automatically filtered for spam, add to your address book to ensure that you will receive mail from the forum system. This is needed for Step 8 below.
  3. Go to the Forum Registration page.
  4. Enter your date of birth and click Process. (As explained in our Privacy Policy, your date of birth is used only to verify, for legal reasons, that you are age 13 or older.)
  5. Review the Registration Agreement, check the checkbox, and click Register.
  6. Fill in the Registration Form:

    • User Name: the name you selected above.
    • Password: a password to use when logging into Marrowforums.
    • Email Address: the email address you selected above.
    • Image Verification: the letters you see in the image box.
    • Additional Information: other settings for your use of Marrowforums. You can change these settings later so you don't have to fill them in now.
  7. Click Complete Registration.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message by email. Click the link in the message to activate your registration.
Note: Be sure not to skip Step 8, since your registration is not complete until you click the activation link in the registration email message!
Once you are registered, the best place to start reading the forums is the New Member Welcome page. If you haven't already done so, look around the main Marrowforums website too.
You can also begin posting at Marrowforums. Feel free to join any discussion in progress or start a new thread if you have a question or new topic to bring up.
Questions About the Transition
If you have other questions, or problems registering for or logging into Marrowforums, see the Contact page.